19-03-2007, knopperdisk-0.4.1 released!

Here's another release, it has improved coldplugging and some packages have been updated.

The following packages have been updated:

app-arch/bzip2-1.0.4 [1.0.3-r6]
sys-apps/debianutils-2.17.4 [2.15-r1]
sys-apps/hdparm-6.9 [6.6]
net-libs/libpcap-0.9.5 [0.9.4]
sys-apps/grep-2.5.1a-r1 [2.5.1-r8]
sys-apps/sysvinit-2.86-r8 [2.86-r6]
app-editors/nano-2.0.3 [2.0.2]
sys-process/procps-3.2.7 [3.2.6]
perl-core/Test-Harness-2.64 [2.56]
perl-core/PodParser-1.35 [1.32]
sys-process/psmisc-22.3 [22.2]
sys-fs/udev-104-r12 [104-r11]
net-analyzer/nmap-4.20 [4.01]
app-antivirus/clamav-0.90.1-r1 [0.88.7]

24-02-2007, knopperdisk-0.4.0 released!

It's hard to believe, but I managed to release a new version after over a year since the last release. I guess you can imagine this release is pretty different just because of all the new versions of the software that's installed. But there are some other changes as well. One in particular. You always had to enter the usb device during the boot so the initrd would know which device to mount which would function as the real root filesystem. Instead of initrd now initramfs is used, and you no longer have to enter the usb device. It's taken care of automatically for you, by scanning all the available SCSI devices, trying to mount them and check whether the knopperdisk image is present or not. This seems to work quite well on my system as well as other systems in the house.

As for the software, you'd better have a look at the package list page, but I can give you a short overview:

- kernel (with some Gentoo-specific patches)
- uClibc
- gcc 4.1.1 (the whole system is compiled with this version)
- baselayout 1.12.9
- udev 104, no more hotplug scripts, pure udev hotplugging
- clamav 0.88.7
- elinks 0.11.2 is installed as text browser
- shorewall has been added
- netcat has been added

As for X, I haven't installed it yet. My primary goals were to get a new release with recent versions of the software and not having to enter the usb device.

30-12-2006, having doubts...

Yes, I'm having doubts continuing with knopperdisk. There are many many projects which try to do the same as me and probably do a better job as well. So at the moment I'm feeling pretty sure I'm going to drop this.

If there are people out there (I doubt it) who can tempt me to start working on it again, maybe with some features requests, please send me an email trough the contact form.

24-08-2005, knopperdisk-0.3.1 released!

This is just a *huge* update with package updates everywhere so I'm not going to list them all here.
The kernel version being used is, no X-server has been added yet for those wondering.

Short summary on changes:

- added screen
- updated Gentoo's baselayout package which improves configuration a lot (network, wireless)
- updated bash (3.00)
- updated udev (058)
- updated clamav + recent virus definitions
- updated samba (3.0.14a)
- updated iptables (1.3.2)
- updated several fs tools (ext2/ext3, xfs, jfs)
- updated links (2.1pre17)
- updated nmap (3.81)

Please give it a try and post suggestions or anything else on the forum, thanks in advance!

20-05-2005, for those wondering...

if this project is alive: it is! I just haven't got the time to investigate on how to *nicely* install an X server in combination with uclibc. Since certain programs don't like uclibc. Anyway, the already installed programs are updated following the x86 platform of Gentoo. I'm having final exams next week which will last for 2 weeks and when that's done I'll make a new release with or without Xorg.

04-03-2005, knopperdisk-0.3.0 released!

Here it is, knopperdisk 0.3.0! Thanks to some people on the gentoo-embedded irc channel I was able to drop libiconv and gettext and thus saving some space. I also decided to drop support for ext2 formatted usb devices since this only complicates things. The long awaited feature to boot directly from the usb device has been added and mostly because of this I decided to make this release version 0.3.0


- kernel 2.6.11
- added support for USB input devices
- uclibc upgraded to version 0.9.27
- added bind-tools
- added clamav
- added iptables
- several common Gentoo updates

16-02-2005, Back online has been defaced about a week ago, this required some further investigation and thus caused downtime. I apologise for any inconvenience you might have had, but I'm not too worried about that since Knopperdisk isn't that important.

When the new 2.6.11 kernel gets released I'll start preparing a new Knopperdisk release as well, this release will say goodbye to ext2 formatted usb drives/sticks/whatever and will only support the FAT filesystem. This is required for getting syslinux to work and boot directly from the usb stick. Well, that's all for now.

17-01-2005, Finally able to drop libiconv and gettext...

Thanks to the guys at the gentoo-embedded mailing list I'm able to drop libiconv and gettext which was needed to compile glib, which in it's turn was needed to compile midnight commander. Thus saving a lot of space, I'm thinking of some new programs to be added. If you've got any suggestions please mail me! (or post on the forum)

Something completely different, I'm having test week next week so there probably won't be any new release of knopperdisk during the next 2 to 3 weeks.

15-01-2005, knopperdiskusb-0.2.1 released!

Here goes another one in the 0.2.x range, several packages have been updated and there are some additions as well. Additions include: mc (midnight commander), mutt (e-mail client) and samba (file sharing). There's also an improvement in the shutdown/reboot proces since I adjusted the scripts to unmount filesystems at shutdown a bit to be more sane.

Booting directly from the usb stick is planned for version 0.3.0, so for those who are waiting for that feature, please be patient.

04-01-2005, Hosting problems solved!

Finally the hosting problems are over, there should be plenty of bandwidth to offer you your files now. Within a short amount of time the domain should also point directly to this site instead of a redirect.

Of course I want to thank nedlinux for their co-operation!

31-12-2004, midnight commander added to knopperdisk...

Finally I understand why mc wasn't compiling and after that I just had to modify some ebuilds to get it to work. So it should be working on the next release.

28-12-2004, knopperdiskusb-0.2.0 final released!

Finally, a new release with a lot of improvements. A snapshot of some of them:

All this made me decide to make this release the final 0.2.0, I hope you all agree with me...;)

Let's give it a shot!

15-12-2004, and even more info....

I just read about a new version of squashfs on and it got my attention since it's compression is better and it's also somewhat faster than cloop. Taking all this into account made me decide to throw cloop away and start using squashfs on my next release. There have been some udev related updates as well, but I'm still waiting for the next kernel version to get released. I also noticed that the poll isn't used by many people but it currently shows you want a discussion board (3 votes out of 6). Well, we'll see.

21-11-2004, just some info

Hi all, there's not much going in regarding knopperdisk releases. That doesn't mean that I'm not working on it though! Actually there have been some software updates, especially udev related. You can expect another release of the usb version when the 2.6.10 kernel gets released.

Also note that there's a poll where you can specify what you would like to see added to the site. Please vote for something to give me and idea what I should add. If there's anything you'd like to see improved which is not an option in the poll, please use the contact page.

See ya!

06-11-2004, knopperdiskusb-0.2.0_rc4 released!

This release is mainly to add some software and also to update the available software to their latest versions.
Software which has been added includes:

I hope you'll like this new release!

02-11-2004, I think I need a logo...;)

Dear Visitors, as you might have noticed there isn't a logo yet for knopperdisk. Mainly because I'm just not that artistic and partly because I don't have time to make one. (which would be ugly too, so it's basically a waste of energy) To keep it short, I would like to ask you if there's anyone out there who has a nice idea for a logo and is willing to create it. I can't offer any money, but as usual with these kind of things you will gain eternal fame.... Thanks in advance!

31-10-2004, knopperdiskusb-0.2.0_rc3 released!

This new version makes it possible to use an usb stick which is formatted as fat16 or fat32, this will really make things easier for Windows users. Have fun with it!

30-10-2004, Work continues on knopperdiskfloppy...

The last release of knopperdiskfloppy was quite some time ago but work has started on a new version. There are some new versions of the software on the disk, a new kernel, busybox-1.00, dropbearssh and I'm going to try to put even more on it.

28-10-2004, knopperdiskusb-0.2.0_rc2 released!

Currently the latest version of the usb version of knopperdisk and also recommended to use. This version make the 'installation proces' a lot easier but future releases should be even easier to use. For more info look in the download directory of the usb version (ChangeLog).